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About Gross Pictures

Our Specialty
We specialize in both visual and audio production. Our services range from providing concepts in the development stages of productions to production services and finally full post production utility.

Gross Pictures has gained experience in all parts of the entertainment industry. We have shot short films, feature flms, reality shows, TV shows, music videos, corporate videos, documentaries and finally promos for various clients. All of these forms of media have been completed in both the visual and audio aspects.

The company directors, one from Nigeria, the other from South Africa take full advantage of the culturally diverse countries they originate from. Working in the same industry (one in audio side of production the other in visual production) for many years, once they saw the potential of combining both worlds of experience Gross Pictures was born and formally registered.

Our Mission
Our Goal is to provide the best possible content to television service providers around Africa and continue to set new benchmarks for competing companies because Gross pictures intends on raising the bar with TV service providers audiences and giving them the best that entertainment has to offer, all from home soil.

Gross Pictures aims to deliver the highest quality tailor made products to the most diverse target markets around the continent. Our brand is built on personal relationships with clients and providing specific products with even more specific needs.